11 Reasons to Own a Cat

Dec 04 , 2019

11 Reasons to Own a Cat

Have you been considering adding a cat or kitten to your home? Here are 11 reasons why cats make great pets!

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1) They're easy on the pocketbook
Cats are more expensive than a caged pet, but much less costly than dogs. They are smaller, so their accessories like beds and toys are not as pricey. They don't eat much, so that means less food and treats. They will still need all the proper vet care like annual checkups, vaccinations, and flea and tick prevention. If you have an indoor cat, keep in mind the added expense of kitty litter.
2) They're ideal apartment pets
Cats are low maintenance pets! They are small, quiet, and easily cared for. Thanks to the litter box, cats don't need to be walked like dogs do. They are also quite capable of entertaining themselves without human assistance. They do not suffer from separation anxiety with the same frequency of dogs, so they usually do well alone. Still, like any animal, most prefer to have a friend.
3) They're affectionate
Despite the sometimes negative view on feline affection, Cats can be very loving animals. They are cuddly but not overly needy. Cats have historically been solitary hunters, so they are content to be alone, but they are happy to show us love. The best way to do that if you are adopting a kitten is to make sure they get plenty of socialization and handling by humans before 8 weeks old. The socialization window in cats is much shorter than it is in dogs, so it's important to be intentional and vigilant.
4) They've perfected rodent control
Cats are known for being skilled at keeping mice away, though some cats are better mousers than others. It is an individual preference. Some cats are skilled enough to take down adult rats, some prefer only to catch mice, and some cats prefer to just live in the lap of luxury and leave those matters to someone else.
5) Their antics are hilarious
Cats are known for being playful, curious, and mischievous. They are natural hunters, so games and toys designed to play into that instinct are usually favorites. Offer some catnip to raise the stakes!
6) They know how to relax
It's no wonder the term "cat nap" exists. Cats sleep most of the day, and they love a warm spot. A sunbeam in the house, a warm driveway, or your freshly dried laundry are all enjoyable to a kitty. And what's more soothing than a cat's purr? Cats are professional nappers.
7) They can learn tricks
Cats are highly intelligent animals. In addition to being smart, they are willing to learn if you know what motivates them! Usually the best motivation comes in the form of chewy, stinky, meaty, bite-sized treats. They can learn novelty tricks like dogs usually do, but they can also learn useful commands that make life easier, like teaching them not to run out the door or jump on the counters.
8) They're clean
If you have a cat, there's no need for frequent baths. Felines are fastidious about cleaning themselves. They will even clean their feline and canine friends! Cats can spend up to half their waking hours grooming themselves and their housemates. They also prefer to do their "business" in the same place, which makes them easy to litterbox train.
9)They're lap warmersespan
Cats make great lap warmers! The next time you want to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, consider inviting a cat to join you. Add hot chocolate and a good book to maximize the experience.

10) They have a long lifespan

Our feline friends enjoy long lives. They can live well into their teens and sometimes over 20 years old! They've also been human companions for a long time. Cats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago!

11) They give unconditional love

Isn't this the main reason we have pets? We care for them, feed them, and offer them a comfy, warm home. In return, they give us unconditional love. Cats are no different; they excel in this department.

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