13 Cool & Crazy Facts About Cats

Dec 05 , 2019

13 Cool & Crazy Facts About Cats

Cats sure are mysterious, smart, and cool little creatures!

In honor of this month being 'Cat Health month', we put together 13 of our favorite facts about cats that are sure to surprise you! 


  1. Cats can't see in complete darkness

They just need 1/8 of the light that humans need to be able to see

  1. The world's richest cat is worth $13 million

Guinness Book of World Records says that  'Blackie' became a millionaire in 1988 when his owner passed away and left his $13 million estate to his feline friend.  

  1. A cat ran for mayor in Mexico

Yes, you read that right! In Xalapa, a cat named 'Morris' supposedly ran for mayor.

  1. Unlike dogs' panting, cats sweat through their paws to cool down

Panting and open-mouth breathing is not normal for cats, so if your cat appears to be 'panting', take them to the vet as soon as possible!

  1. A cat's 'meow' is more for humans than other cats

Cats have been known to use vocal cues and purring to get their owners to do what they want.

  1. They can also use sounds with the same frequency as a baby's cry

They take advantage of human's natural instincts to nurture a baby when it cries

So while you may think you have your cat trained, they have actually 'trained' you!

  1. A cat’s brain has 1,000 timesmore “data storage” than an iPad, and operates a million times faster! 

This is according to Scientific American 

  1. Cats can drink salt water!

If saltwater is the only available water source, they won't get dehydrated- their kidneys are able to filter out the salt and retain only the water

  1. They think & feel like humans

The part of the brain that processes emotions is identical to humans

  1. They have short and long-term memory function

They can also develop dementia in old age (similar to our Alzheimer's disease)


  1. Male cats prefer to use their left paws for tasks, while female cats prefer using their right                    


12.They can always tell which way is up 

This is due to a specialized apparatus inside their ear. 

They can adjust their bodies mid-air to make sure they land on their feet! 

Haven't you always wondered what makes them nail every landing like little ninjas? 

And lastly, contrary to popular belief,

  1. Curiosity does not kill cats, it just makes them smarter!

If you put a cat in a strange place, it will cautiously check out its surroundings and remember this information for future use.


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