Adoption?  Fostering?  What You Need to Know About Expanding Your Fur-Family

Dec 05 , 2019

Adoption? Fostering? What You Need to Know About Expanding Your Fur-Family

Adopting a rescue pet from an animal shelter and/or fostering animals is very rewarding.  That is not to say it isn’t challenging, but the rewards do outweigh the challenges. 


Let’s get into adoption.  You can certainly feel good about adopting shelter or rescue animals from a shelter knowing that you are really saving two lives.  These animals are usually lost, given up, abused, or abandoned.  By giving these animals a second chance, you are giving them a loving home and at the same time you are making room at the shelter for another pet in need.  You are helping break the cycle of pet overpopulationYou also have a great selection of pets at any ageYou help support a valuable charity and community institution when you adopt from a shelter.  And for everyone who is cost conscious of owning a pet, you actually pay less if you decide to adopt from a shelter.  The animal will already be spayed or neutered when adopting from a shelter; unlike a puppy or kitten mill, which sells the animals for profit.


Now, let’s get into fostering.  First and foremost, you are still saving lives, which is awesome!  When fostering, even if it is only for a brief period of time, it frees up more space at the shelter.  It increases the likelihood of the animals’ chance of getting adopted because the social skills and environment you have given them within your family.  Also, if you already have pets, fostering helps them socialize with other animals.  You can choose how to foster.  Fostering, in general, is temporary, so you can choose the time frame in which you can make yourself available.  You can also choose what animal(s) you would like to foster.


Volunteering at any shelter is also a good way to know what you’re getting into.  It helps you meet other people, ask questions, and gives you a sense of what you can handle and what you can’t handle.  One local rescue shelter we would like to highlight this week is Purrbabies Rescue, located in Travelers Rest, SC.  Their website is:  They focus mainly on orphaned kittens needing to be bottle fed, but will also take in a mama cat or two to give her a safe place to have her last litter.  They help these kittens and the mama cats find their purr-ever homes.


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