Best Practices for Nutritious, Tasty, Healthy Eggs

Dec 03 , 2019

Best Practices for Nutritious, Tasty, Healthy Eggs

Once your girls are old enough to start laying, their nutrition will have a direct impact on your own, so it is important to feed them nutritious, healthy food. Make sure you buy your layer ration from a reliable, trusted source. Top brands of layer feed contain 16% protein which studies have shown to be optimal for laying hens. It will also be fortified with calcium. It’s important that you provide a dedicated feed for layers when your hens are producing eggs. If they aren’t provided the proper nutrient balance, their egg production will drastically decrease and can even stop altogether.

 Chickens love variety in their diet, and the eggs will taste much better if you can help provide it. When free ranging, they will eat seeds, bugs, worms, and all sorts of goodies they can (literally) dig up. Chickens also love kitchen scraps. Familiarize yourself with what leftovers and scraps you shouldn’t feed to chickens. To supplement calcium, you can sun-dry their eggshells, crush them up, and feed free-choice. Offering oyster shells accomplishes the same. And of course, our Hentastic® Dried Mealworms make a GREAT snack for chickens and a perfect addition to any healthy chicken diet.

 Remember that water is a nutrient. It is just as important as food if not more so. Make sure your chickens always have free choice fresh water available to them.


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