Getting Your Pet Ready for Sping!

Dec 05 , 2019

Getting Your Pet Ready for Sping!

Spring is finally here!  Even though there are a few questionable colder temps than we are used to, spring is technically here.  Sunshine and good weather means cooped up pets eager to get outside and play.  Here are some tips to getting your pet ready for spring:


  • Grooming is Essential: Pets need to shed their winter coats, even if they are inside pets.  A regular bath, brush, and maybe even a trim will keep your pets happy and healthy.
  • Beware of Fleas and Ticks: Preventative care from fleas and ticks should be all year long, but especially during the warmer months.  Fleas and ticks come out in full force during the spring and summer months.  Stick with your normal care, or for extra measure, try rinses and/or tablets.
  • Deworm: Warmer months also means worms, which can often be transmitted through mosquito bites.  Be proactive and have your pets dewormed.
  • Pollen, Pollen Everywhere!: If you have allergies like I do you’ll know the dreaded feeling of seeing pollen covering everything and the dreaded feeling of allergy season.  Well, pets have allergies too.  If your pet suffers from seasonal allergies keep an eye out for excessive scratching, licking, and hair loss.  If you see these symptoms take your pet to the vet immediately.
  • Update Your Shots: Pets love playing outside, and if they are a furry social butterfly, they will like playing outside with other animals.  Make sure your pets are up to date on their shots.


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