Halloween Costumes and Your Pets

Dec 05 , 2019

Halloween Costumes and Your Pets

It’s fall. It’s Halloween. It’s time for fun, candy, and costumes. You’ve got your costume ready, now what about your pet? Some pet owners may forego a costume, but for those pet owners who want their furry friends to join in on the festivities this year here are some safety tips regarding Halloween pet costumes:

Pet Halloween outfits should: --be lightweight and allow a full range of motion.

--not obscure their vision, block their mouth, nose or cover their ears.

--not restrict their breathing.

--not have any bits sticking out near your pet’s eyes.

Avoid designs that wrap around their necks tightly and have things they can chew off and swallow. Make sure your pet is not covered in a way that would inhibit its ability to communicate with you as that would make it harder for you to read their response. “In some costumes where they’re completely covered we can’t see how they’re feeling,” says Dr. Samantha Gaines from the RSPCS and adds that even just “putting a hat on a dog still restricts its ability to tell you how it’s feeling.” And always listen to your pet—if he or she is unhappy with wearing a costume they’ll let you know.

Signs your pet might be distressed and uncomfortable in a costume: --whale eyes (when your dog shows you the whites of its eyes).

--tucked tails (dogs).

--a restless, flicking tail (cats).

--pawing at the costume.

--pinned-back ears.



--nervous when running around.

--attempts at removing it.

Have a safe and happy Halloween this year.


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