Happy 4th of July!  Ways You Can Help Calm Anxiety with Your Pets

Dec 05 , 2019

Happy 4th of July! Ways You Can Help Calm Anxiety with Your Pets

Ahh, 4th of July.  Cookouts, friends, family… and fireworks.  Beautiful fireworks, but LOUD fireworks.  Loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms, can cause anxiety in our furry loved ones which can be acquired over time or after a traumatic incident.  Here are some basic ways to help calm anxiety with your pets:


  • Create a sense of calmness and complete with the noise going on outside by turning on a radio or TV.
  • Place a cotton ball in their ears while the fireworks are going on. Just remember to take out the cotton ball when the celebration is over.
  • Stay with your pet or have a family member or friend pet-sit for the day to give them a sense of security if you are gone for the evening or weekend.
  • Take your dog out on a leash when they need to use the bathroom so they are not alone and cannot run away at the noise of fireworks.
  • Play fetch with them, put on some relaxing music, and reward them with treats. Sometimes keeping their routine usual and on a regular schedule they are familiar with will let them know everything is alright.
  • Most importantly, keep them far away from the fireworks show.


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