Gift Ideas for Your Pets

Dec 05 , 2019

Gift Ideas for Your Pets

We have a mutually beneficial relationship with our pets. Our dogs are our walking and play companions, our cats give us a reason to be still and “feel the vibration.” Security, warmth, and love—these are some of the reasons we love to have animals in our lives. So when it comes time to buy gifts for the ones we care most for, it’s kind of difficult to separate our animals companions from our human companions. While our pets might not know that it’s a holiday, we know, and this is one of those cases when the giving is better than the receiving. So what are you planning to get your little (or big) companion this year?

Yummy, but healthy treats: Holiday candies and chocolates are good for our human friends, because hopefully, they know how to moderate their consumption and share with others, but showering our pets with treats and goodies does not work out the same way. Their bodies are not built to effectively deal with the empty calories and fats. Look instead for healthy treats made with ingredients for joint health, skin and haircoat health, urinary tract health, tartar control…you get the idea. Even a little pot of catnip or grass will make a great gift for your cat. Speaking of which, at Critter Boutique we have a cat grass growing kit, CBD treats for both cats and dogs, and a wide variety of all natural ingredient treats to make your furry companions happy.

Toys and games: Interactive toys are a great gift option for lots of reasons. Weather may make it difficult to get outside and exercise every day, or you may have an indoor only pet, or maybe your pet really needs to lose some weight. Every little bit of extra activity counts. At Critter Boutique we have interactive toys for dogs and cats—some even dispense treats.

A comfy place to rest: Older pets especially benefit from well made pet beds. As older age sets in, the bones are achier, the muscles a little weaker, the hair a little thinner. Lying on a cold hard floor just isn’t as easy as it was when they were younger, and a towel just won’t cut it after a certain age. Investing in a comfy, plushy bed or small tent for your furry loved one would definitely make them happy.

Pet services: Almost all dogs and cats appreciate a nice massage, but older pets especially benefit from a full therapeutic massage. A nice cut, shampoo, and pedicure will also do wonders for your pet’s outlook. The gift of a deluxe grooming session will make your pet feel fresher, and will make his or her hair and skin healthier and stronger.


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