Poultry Feeders and Waterers:  Which is Best?

Dec 05 , 2019

Poultry Feeders and Waterers: Which is Best?

There are many types of feeders and water founts, also called drinkers, for poultry. From traditional hanging varieties to "egg-stravagant" DIY masterpieces, we will explore a great many here.

Don't feel like reading? Watch our YouTube video below and visit our YouTube channel for more where that came from!

If you've ever wondered how many types of feeders exist for chickens, just do a quick Pinterest search. They vary from the traditional hanging feeder to no-mess, rat-proof, waterproof, and so on. We've curated some of the cleverest ideas for feeders here in this post.

If you're doing research for a new feeder, think about where it will be placed. Will it be inside or outside the coop? If inside, make sure there's space where it won't get too dirty. If outside, make sure it won't get wet in the rain, and that your chickens can still get food in bad weather.






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