Should Cats Be Walked?

Dec 05 , 2019

Should Cats Be Walked?

Check on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media platform and you’ll see cute pictures of dogs accompanying their owners on outdoor adventures…and you’ll also see cats.  That’s right, CATS.  There is a new trend becoming more and more popular, and that is cats on leashes.  It even has its own hashtag: adventurecat.  With new products like cat leashes, harnesses, and backpacks with see-through bubble windows it’s easier than ever for pet parents to have their feline friends join in their adventures.  However, with the reputation cats have for independence, many pet parents may wonder if it’s in a feline’s best interest to be leash-trained.  Do cats even enjoy this activity?

The answer depends on the cat.  Some cats are easier to leash-train than others, especially if they are young and well-socialized.  However, it’s impossible to even get the harness on some felines.

If a pet parent is interested in leash-training a cat, they should start with trying to get the harness on and letting the cat wear it indoors so it can get familiar with the feeling.  The cat should be walked indoors on the leash at first, so it can become comfortable wearing the harness in the home environment.

Most importantly, though, pet parents should know how to recognize signs of stress in their feline.  Even if a cat is able to wear the harness, that doesn’t mean it’s enjoying the experience.  Cats can display stress in different ways.  Some may become quiet and lie down on the ground, refusing to move.  Others may engage in hyperactivity.  While some cats can overcome this stress and eventually enjoy being walked, others never reach this milestone.  Pet parents should be patient and understand their pets’ limitations.


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