The Benefits of Feeding Mealworms

Dec 03 , 2019

The Benefits of Feeding Mealworms

Dried mealworms are a tasty, healthy treat for chickens and other birds. They are high in protein and fat, making a great energy-packed snack for your birds. The Guaranteed Analysis of our Superb Mealworms is as follows:
Protein: 50% min; Fat: 25% min; Fiber: 8% max; Moisture: 10% max

Mealworms have environmental benefits, too! In an environmental study, it was found that “mealworms needed just 10 percent of the land needed to produce an equivalent amount of beef, including the land needed to grow feed grains and forage. (source)” They did require more energy than traditional livestock production, but they produced fewer quantities of greenhouse gases.

This means that, overall, mealworm production has a minimal impact on the environment and is a more sustainable protein source than those of other animals. Chickens and young chicks alike love mealworms, so feeding them on a regular basis will encourage bonding and friendliness. Coupled with handling, it’s the best way we’ve found to have tame pet chickens.

What other animals eat dried mealworms?

Wild Birds

Any insect-eating bird will enjoy dried mealworms. Birds in this category are bluebirds, wrens, titmice, cardinals, woodpeckers, sparrows, jays, and many more different species that vary by region.

Game Birds

Game birds require more protein than chickens in their diets. Quail chicks need as much as 30% for proper growth. Commercial game bird feeds will be formulated appropriately, but mealworms make an excellent supplement to be sure that they get all the protein they need.


Ducks, geese, and swans all enjoy diving and rooting for their food. Toss some mealworms in the water or on the grass for them to fish out and dive for. Mealworms are great to take to a local pond and make a very healthy, beneficial snack for the local waterfowl. They are a much safer treat for them than bread.


In addition to birds, fish also love mealworms! Toss a handful in a lake or stream at your fishing spot and watch the fish gather. If you have a Koi pond, Koi will also eat mealworms.


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