The Pros and Cons of Leaving the TV and/or Radio On for Your Pets

Dec 05 , 2019

The Pros and Cons of Leaving the TV and/or Radio On for Your Pets

Pets often spend considerable time home alone, especially if their family works or attends school every day. A quick visit from a pet care provider can help break up the monotony of the day by giving your dog a walk and chance to go potty, providing exercise for your cat or dog, giving fresh water, and making sure everything is generally “okay.” But what about the rest of the day? Many people leave the radio or the television on to give their pets the sense they are not alone and to keep them entertained or help calm anxiety. Some people believe it is necessary, while others believe it is not; either way, here are the pros and cons of leaving the TV and/or radio on for your pets:

Pros—Masking Unpleasant Sounds. A lot happens outside during the day. The radio can mask such unpleasant sounds as fireworks, loud cars, children screaming, loud construction, and sounds from your neighbors. If your pets becomes stressed by noise, you may find that soothing music helps put them at ease and masks the sounds that stress them out.

Soothe an Anxious Pet. Some pets are naturally nervous while others have experienced trauma in their lives that results in a nervous personality. Separation anxiety is common among dogs and other pets and the radio can help soothe an anxious pet. A visit from a dog walker each day can provide your dog with companionship and the dog walker can ensure that the radio or television is at an appropriate level for your dog prior to the conclusion of a visit. Puzzle toys with treats also help give your pets something to focus on while you are away for the day. YouTube even has soothing music for cats:

And soothing music for dogs:

Cons—The Sounds Could Become Too Loud. Be very careful about the type of radio station you choose to leave on for your pets. Dogs and cats have extremely sensitive hearing. If a noise sounds loud to you, amplify it by 10. That’s how loud it will be for your pet.

Your Pet Might Not Like It. Just like people, pets have their own individual personalities. Some pets might like the radio or television left on, while others may seek silence in another room. Before you leave the radio or TV on for your pets, test to see if they like it. Change stations, give them a variety of music, but always remember to not play it too loudly.


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