Way to Prevent Boredom That Won't Cost a Dime

Dec 05 , 2019

Way to Prevent Boredom That Won't Cost a Dime

Why do pets get bored?
Animals that are confined in any way can be subject to boredom, especially if they are alone. Confinement, whether it be a cage in your home or in a large zoo exhibit, is not natural for animals. Stimulation is important for the well-being of the animal and also can help to decrease some of the problem behaviors and symptoms that can be attributed to just plain boredom. Insufficient stimulation can cause a number of behavior problems including hyperactivity, destructive chewing, skin licking, picking, or chewing, tail sucking, attention-seeking behavior, compulsive disorders, and even aggression. It can also cause, in more extreme cases, severe anxiety and fear-based behaviors.

How do I make sure my pets aren’t bored?
Some of the easiest ways to make sure your pets don’t get bored include providing pets with toys, training them to learn new tricks or behaviors, and changing their environment slightly every so often so that there is something new to do, see, or think about. If you decide to change their environment, make sure the changes you make are subtle ones and that they occur over a period of time rather than all at once so your pets do not get stressed out, anxious, or scared.

Believe it or not, there are ways to prevent boredom are completely free and can be done right at home. That means no confusing directions to follow, no tools to buy, and no extra trips to the store!

Here are a few of our top picks
Take advantage of the outdoors
Many ‘toys’ can be found right at home in your backyard or garden and all it takes is for you to go outside and get them and place them into your pets’ cages (or tanks for all you reptile lovers out there!)

Some of our favorites are: Sticks (also a great teeth-filing tool!) Flowers Rocks

Make use of your trash
A great way to get rid of all those little things you would otherwise throw away is to reuse them as pet toys.

Some of our favorites are: Shoeboxes (cut holes in them and place treats inside for funny show!) Empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls (put them inside your bathtub to keep your cats entertained for hours!)

Take them on trips
A little travel can go a long way no matter what type of pet you have! The trip does not have to be far- a ‘trip’ can even be from one room to another or one cage to another.

My bearded dragon loved riding along when I went to the local pet or hardware store but also really enjoyed exploring all the rooms of the house!


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