What Are the Benefits of an Alpaca Nesting Ball?

Dec 05 , 2019

What Are the Benefits of an Alpaca Nesting Ball?

This one’s for bird watchers and for people who enjoy feeding and providing nesting materials for wild birds year round.  What is a bird nesting ball?  It is a sphere, usually made up of twigs, which holds nesting material for birds that hangs in nearby trees.  This material can be fur, other twigs, straw, etc.  An Alpaca Nesting Ball is particularly unique because it only contains alpaca fur.  The fiber that is used in the ball is typically from the seconds that are shorn from the animal each year.  No animal is harmed to secure the fiber.  The seconds are normally too short or not the quality used in the production of fine garments.  The nesting ball hangs from a rope in a nearby tree and blends into the environment.  Alpaca, a hollow fiber, wicks water and when wet, quickly dries to its natural fluffy state.  The delicate fiber, unlike some nesting materials, is easily used by birds and does not attract predators to the nest.  The chickadees and titmice, in particular, enjoy it!




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