What is Frass?  And, How Do I Use It?

Dec 05 , 2019

What is Frass? And, How Do I Use It?

Here at Critter Boutique we’ve recently added a new item to our website, it’s Tenebrio Farm Organic Frass Fertilizer. But, what exactly is frass and how do I use it? Great question! Here’s an explanation of frass and the many ways to use it so your plants and vegetables/fruits can be the best they can be this spring and summer season:

What is Frass? Frass is a technical term for manure. Tenebrio Farm harvests it from their organically fed mealworm beetles. It is odor-free and contains no bugs. In all natural ecosystems insects feed on and digest vegetation, and give it right back to the soil in the form of nature’s perfect plant food, insect poop—frass. It is a perfectly balanced and organic fertilizer suitable for all plants; containing 40% organic carbon which is essential for building healthy soils and a natural source of magnesium making it ideal for tomatoes and roses. Frass naturally contains all the macro nutrition plants require. It is NOT a pesticide or fungicide, and it will NOT put insects into your garden because you’re using it.

How do I use Frass? You should use frass only as directed, but keep in mind that small amounts of frass go a long way.

Pre-Mix for Soil or Potted Plants: Mix up to 1 cup of frass per cubic foot of soil or potting medium.

Top Dress Row Crops and Raised Beds: Add up to 1lb. of frass per 20sq. feet of soil or potting media. Lightly sprinkle over root zone and water in thoroughly. Re-apply weekly or as necessary.

Root Drench with Frass Tea Extract: Add 1Tsp. up to ½ cup of frass per gallon of dechlorinated water. Let it sit for 2-72 hours and apply to root zone. A 24 hour steeping time is the most popular. Feed weekly or as desired.

Foliar: Steep 1-2tsp. per gallon of water for 2-24 hours. For best results use daily. Do not apply in direct sunlight or when the temperature is over 80° F (27° C). Apply to the top and bottom of the leaves.

Compost Tea: Use 1-2tsp. of frass per gallon of water. Actively aerate tea for 24 hours. For anaerobic teas, stop aeration after 24 hours and let it sit for 48 additional hours.

Hydroponic Nutrient Base: Use ½ cup of frass per gallon of water. Keep the pH levels within the 5-7 range. If using RO water, supplement calcium and iron.

Hydroponic Additive: Use 1-2Tsp. of frass per gallon of nutrient solution. Keep well aerated.


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