Why Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

Aug 05 , 2020

Why Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

    • Packed full of protein!
    • Healthy fats including omega-6s and omega-3s!
      • Lauric acid benefits mental health, digestive health, and growth rate of young animals.
        • Same level of lauric acid that coconut oil and palm oil have.
        • Much more sustainable option with a very minimal environmental impact!
      • Higher in calcium with a positive calcium:phosphorous ratio than mealworms!
        • Calcium is close to 95% of your chicken’s egg shells.
          • She’ll need to ingest up to 20 times the amount of calcium than she has in her bones each year!
          • BSFL are an easy and tasty way to provide your chickens with their necessary calcium.
        • Grown in the USA!
          • Our BSFL are clean and have strict feeding standards, just like any other animal:
            • Our BSFL are fed clean, wholesome diets just like we know your chickens are!
            • Did you know that there’s no regulation on what mealworms from China can or should be fed? That’s why they’re often littered with debris such as plastic.

    Typical nutrient analysis of whole dried black soldier fly larvae and mealworms.

    Nutrient, %

    Black Soldier Fly Larvae (dried)

    Mealworm (dried)

    Crude Protein, min



    Crude Fat, min



    Crude Fiber, max









    Whole dried black soldier fly larvae can be added to backyard poultry flock diets at up to 18%.

    Chickens will naturally forage for insects given the opportunity.  Many backyard chickens are kept in northern climates or in coops where insect exposure is limited.  BSFL whole dried larvae provide a natural insect ingredient to chickens and other backyard flock.  BSFL ingredients are more sustainable than many other protein ingredients used in chicken feeds, high in calcium and protein, and palatable to birds in many forms.


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