Why We Support Pet Adoption

Dec 05 , 2019

Why We Support Pet Adoption

Are you thinking about adopting a new pet to add to the family? Here at Critter Boutique, we believe strongly in pet adoption, and we think everyone can help in the effort!

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If you can’t adopt, foster.

If you can’t foster, volunteer.

If you can’t volunteer, donate.

If you can’t donate, transport.

If you can’t transport, educate!

What are the Benefits of Adoption?
Millions of Americans will agree that adopting a pet is a wonderful thing! Adopting one pet saves two lives: the life of the pet you adopt, and the life of the one that takes its place in the shelter.

Let’s look at why adoption is so important. According to One Green Planet, about 6-8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Nearly 50% of dogs accepted into shelters are euthanized. That number jumps to 70% for cats. This amounts to a tragically high number of lives lost, and it has a financial consequence, too. Annual cost to taxpayers is about $2 billion.

But dogs and cats aren’t the only types of pets available for adoption! Many shelters will occasionally have pigs, rabbits, goats, reptiles, and others that may surprise you.

How can I help?
Spay and Neuter
Don’t breed your pets! But if you must, breed responsibly. DoSomething.org says 1 in 10 dogs born will find a permanent home, and far fewer cats. Exceptions exist for those individuals breeding working animals, or furthering and improving on the genetics of a breed.

Fostering a pet in your home frees up a spot in a shelter for another homeless animal, and saves lives one pet at a time.

Adopting a shelter pet has innumerable rewards! Quality companionship fosters both mental and physical health benefits. Petting a dog or cat is proven to lower blood pressure and help combat depression.

Shelters are always in need of donations. Check with your local animal shelter to see what supplies they need, or if money is more beneficial. Many 501c(3) organizations will offer a tax deductible donation receipt. Before you donate, do your research and make sure your donation will be used responsibly.

Caring for multiple dogs in a kennel environment is a 24/7 job! It is hard work and there is always something to do. Most shelters are looking for volunteers and will be thankful for any time and effort you can provide.

Know anyone looking for a new pet? Pass along some information about how shelter pets make amazing companions. Explain that a wide variety of dogs wind up in shelters, and you don’t have to look far to find a gem.

Rescue groups are always needing help moving dogs from foster groups to vet offices and pulling dogs from shelters. Check with a local group and see if they can use the assistance.

ID Tags and Microchips
Make sure to keep ID tags on your pets at all times! For added security, have them microchipped. All shelters are required to scan for a microchip, and if they find one, they are required by law to contact the owner and return the dog. Microchips have been immensely helpful in returning dogs to their families and keeping shelter numbers down.

The Bottom Line
Whether by large effort or small, we can all do our part in helping decrease our homeless pet problem.




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