Cosmic Catnip Kitty Herbs Grow Kit


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Grow your own delicious, all-natural cat treats with Cosmic Catnip Kitty Herbs Grow Kit.  Comes with Tenebrio Farm's organically produced frass and Panacea's small Farmer's Market Oval Planter.

How to Use:

1. Sprinkle one tablespoon of seeds into a small pot of potting soil, two tablespoons for a medium pot and three tablespoons for a large pot. Hint: The deeper the pot, the stronger the crop.

2. Cover seeds lightly with more soil and frass, then water well. You can also mix frass with potting soil for better results.  Grass will begin to grow in about one week.

3. Place grass near cat's food and water once growth is visible.

4. Add seeds every 2 weeks for a constant crop.