Superb Mealworms® 11 lbs. Resealable Bag


 Mealworms are nutritious and delicious treats for wild birds, chickens and reptiles alike! They are a great source of nutrients to provide extra energy and protein.

  • Premium quality dried Mealworms packed in a convenient 11-pound resealable bag.
  • Attract Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, Robins, Wrens, Chickadees, Cardinals and any other insect loving species to your feeders by offering mealworm.
  • Mix the mealworms in with your favorite birdseed or with our Superb Suet for your local birds to enjoy or feed directly to your reptiles to keep them happy!
  • Feed in any suitable feeder.
  • Net weight 11 pounds
  • 20" x 31" x 3"

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 53%, Crude Fat 28%, Crude Fiber 6%, Moisture 5%