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Premium Select Suet

Premium SelectSuet Suet Cake Mix'n'Match (Case of 12)

Premium SelectSuet Suet Cake Mix'n'Match (Case of 12)

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This mix and match case includes 5 flavors of Premium SelectSuet Suet cakes: 2x Fruit & Nut, 2x Hot Pepper, 2x Woodpecker, 3x Berry, and 3x High Energy. Whether you're trying to attract a wide variety of birds or seeing what works with your local feathered friends, this mix and match case has you covered.

  • Fruit and Nut cakes and Berry cakes attract Fruit-loving birds.
  • Hot Pepper cakes deter squirrels from your feeders.
  • Woodpecker cakes appeal to a variety of woodpeckers and other birds.
  • High Energy cakes provide lots of quickly absorbed energy.
  • Case of 12 individually packaged cakes.
  • Made in USA.


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