Zoo Med Gourmet Reptisticks Floating Aquatic Turtle Food 8.5 oz


  • Blend of sun-dried red shrimp, dried mealworms, and dried cranberries
  • Made with fish meal, shrimp, and kale to simulate the natural diet
  • Formulated for aquatic turtles with a minimum shell length of 2 inches or larger
  • High protein
  • Made in the USA


Fish Meal, Soybean Meal, Wheat Flour, Wheat Starch, Sun Dried Red Shrimp, Dried Mealworms, Shrimp Meal, Corn Flour, Soy Protein Concentrate, Wheat Gluten, Kale, Dried Cranberries, Fish Oil, Brewers Dried Yeast, Lecithin, And More