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Hentastic® Probiotic Suet Pellets 16 oz

Hentastic® Probiotic Suet Pellets 16 oz

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Hentastic Probiotic Pellets are a tasty treat that also promote good digestive health with probiotics.

  • Tasty treat for chicks and chickens.
  • Promotes good digestive health with probiotics, increasing nutrient absorption!
  • Rendered suet provides concentrated energy to keep your flock happy and healthy.
  • Full of mealworm chunks for protein and calcium.
  • Pairs well with the Hentastic Platform Feeder or Trough Feeder.
  • Complementary treat that can be mixed with other feed or scattered on the ground to encourage foraging.

 UPC: 859292006258

Allergen Warning: Contains Peanuts and Wheat.


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